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Inside Out

Loving outside the box.

'Inside Out' is a musical solo show written and performed by Christina Bloom.

Set against a vivid visual backdrop of anti-gay propaganda, the show is a journey that sees a woman fall in love with a woman in a world that insists upon boxing, packaging and labelling.


A thought-provoking look at sexuality, love, life and religion, this show explores the cruelty that can arise in the face of nonconformity whilst celebrating small victories on a path towards acceptance.


‘Inside Out’ is ultimately a love story that triumphs over adversity and epitomises the meaning of 'love is love’.



Michael McManus

Assessor for


Act Drop


Planet Nation

A fine, intense, beautiful show.

A flawless performance, timed to perfection.


Make no mistake, Ms Bloom is a consummate musician providing us with some spine-tingling cello playing but also employing guitar and piano to accompany the melodies she sings.


The music is hauntingly beautiful and sensitively delicate, and one magical song with piano accompaniment is one of those truly delicious tunes that both tugs at one's heartstrings and, quite simply, captivates.


She is a composer and a fine one at that.


In the background, a video plays for most of the performance, with various images broadcast in negative, making the whole venture a multimedia concept which must have take a mind-boggling amount of time to conceive and develop.


The use of spoken dialogue is…lyrically poetic, demonstrating that this performer has both immense musical talent as well as an exceptional command of words as well.


This is a mesmerising show and a terrific performance from a gifted musician, singer and actor.


Wonderful stuff.

The performance was an interactive delight combining live music (cello, guitar, keyboard) with singing and visual video backdrop. Seriously - this play has it all. And all the music and singing was provided live and by Christina. Plus there was tap dancing, and she was using a loop pedal, oh and of course - tap dancing whilst playing the cello!


The performance took us through Christina's journey of life - discovering she likes women and the boxes and labels we are put in, or we put ourselves in. The performance itself takes place both inside and outside of a 3D box.

The songs were inspiring, and catchy - and what was most impressive, all were originals by Christina. Well I'm sold - where can I buy the soundtrack?!


It was slick, smart, inspiring and it gained a standing ovation that it absolutely deserved.


A selection of songs.

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